Football at Woolverstone

By which of course is meant "rugby football". Soccer was that other abomination that many of us secretly loved playing, too, but which had to be reserved to semi-clandestine thrashes on Orwell Side on Sundays, preferably before or after Taffy went for an afternoon stroll.

Here is a word from Jerry Page:
"When it comes to rugby, there is no doubt that, from the outset in 1951, Woolverstone produced, and continued to do so over forty years, teams and indeed results which were both awesome and consistent. This has left a legacy of pride and fulfilment which is described in the "Rugby History of Woolverstone Hall", produced in 2002."

Jerry modestly omits to mention that this is his own opus, and highly interesting reading it makes, too. Yes, rugby was special at Woolverstone. OK, so we weren't all as good as the best sides! We didn't always exactly thrash the likes of Colchester and Wymondham, but many of our teams were practically unbeatable, and nobody involved in rugger during those years could have failed to feel they were part of something special.

In this section are both official team photos and some associated commentary plus whatever unofficial pics you send in.