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A very large proportion of the press articles we have were provided by Barry Salmon, who after the WHOBA Barge Cruise of Sunday, 22 August 2010, loaned me a scrapbook of press-cuttings he had compiled of the last, turbulent years of Woolverstone Hall School for Boys. Here is that record along with other articles acquired over the years. The result is fascinating but of course incomplete, and if any readers have additional material to fill out the story I would be delighted to add it to this archive. Barry's extraordinary collection gives a vivid idea of what it must have been like in the last decade under the spotlight of both local and national press as WHS struggled to survive - and ultimately failed.

I would like to record in addition my personal thanks to Barry Salmon, who had a long and distinguished career at Woolverstone after the departure of Merlin Channon, himself a major influence on the stunning quality of musical life at the school in its early days. I shall never forget those wonderful days watching Merlin Channon's "The Magic Flute" or preparing and performing "Mother Courage" to Barry's original music and with the inimitable John Dorling in the title role. It was a joy and privilege to participate in this and other events at WHS.

Chris Snuggs - September 23, 2010

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