Mr. Salmon's arrival at the beginning of the year was eagerly awaited by all the supporters of Woolverstone's music. Was the order to be Byrd or Britten, Oratorios or quartets? It was soon apparent that every taste would be catered for. Immediately, the dilapidated remnant of the choir was rebuilt and enlarged, and it is hoped it will soon attain a high standard. Unfortunately, rehearsals have been somewhat thwarted by bad attendance - a regrettable show of apathy which will, I trust, not be repeated.

Nevertheless a number of anthems have been successfully sung. The Christmas term provided opportunities for the choir, and some instrumentalists, to play in 'Mother Courage', where the music was specially composed by Mr. Salmon, and in the Carol Service. For others, there was the jazz concert at the end of term. The musical highlight came in February with 'Amahl and the Night Visitors', a triumph of weeks of fervent practice.

Once again a large number of school musicians took part. Then, of course, there were House Concerts and Concerts in Ipswich, where more people could profitably take advantage of the excellent opportunities. The Spring term was rounded off with a chamber music concert, and it is hoped that there will be more such occasions in future, when musicians will play for pleasure off their own bat. In this respect there has been much encouragement, particularly from Mr. Salmon, Mr. Thornbery and Mr. Matthews, who have encouraged boys, reluctant as ever, to play for their own enjoyment.

Finally, mention must be made of the Junior Orchestra, for which both Mr. Salmon and Simon Crawford have put in much effort and manuscript-paper. The large attendance to this and the junior percussion groups seems to ensure that we can confidently look forward to a flourishing musical life in years to come.

Janus - summer 1963